Summer Break Essentials

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Summer Break Essentials

Summer break is right around the corner and it's time to pack the perfect beach bag. I'll be sharing some of my favorite brands and covering all the basics like sunscreen to fun gadgets. If you have any other summer break essentials you'd like to share leave a comment down below and make sure to follow me on social media to see all of the summer essentials I'll be using!

Sunscreen & Tanning Lotion // This is an obvious, but there are some brands that I prefer over others. I really like that Tarte came out with a Sun Guard collection, since I have sensitive skin I like knowing that what I'm putting on my face is good quality and won't give me a reaction. Another brand I just loveee is Sun Bum. All of their products smell amazing and you definitely feel summer ready with their products.

Polaroid Camera // I think just about everyone owns one of these, but if you don't you should definitely grab one off of Amazon. Also grab a bulk order of film while you're there. These are so much fun and create the perfect memories.

Face Mask // Since it will be summer time, that means that your skin is going to be a in the sun a lot more. It's important that you're keeping your skin hydrated and treating it good. I love a good face mask, but in the summer time more often than not, I find myself reaching for a sheet mask. They're more convenient when you're on the go and even though I don't notice a difference in my pore-area, I do notice my skin is hydrated and glowing. You can get a set of 6+ sheet masks delivered right to your door with Facetory and if use the code FACE10 you can get 10% off your first order. Click the link here and use the code FACE10 10% of!

The Perfect Swimsuit // This one is going to take some effort, and maybe even some returns, nonetheless take time to find the perfect swimsuit. I've heard a lot of great things about this brand on Amazon called Sweaty Rocks and I will say SheIn has some really cute swimsuits. The only thing about SheIn is that you can't mix the sizes, so I had to order 2 of the same suits, one in a small for the top and one in a medium for the bottoms. But they're so inexpensive that getting 2 is still the same price as buying one at like Target or Victoria Secret's. 

Fab Fit Fun // I could constantly tell everyone about Fab Fit Fun, but until you truly order one for yourself you'll never understand how awesome this subscription box is. Since this is a seasonal subscription, you'll be getting your first one just in time for summer break. They always have the coolest products and everything is full-size! Just one product alone is the same price as the box but you get over $200 worth of products. You can join Fab Fit Fun today and to get $10 off of your first box by clicking the link here and USE THE CODE: GOTTAHAVEIT.

Sunglasses // Going off of Fab Fit Fun, I received a pair of Quay Sunglasses in my spring box and I can't stop wearing them. These sunglasses have been a staple item in my bag lately and when I'm driving around with the top down and wearing these sunglasses I feel confident. The same way you feel confident in your perfect bikini, you will feel confident in the perfect pair of sunglasses.

xoxo, Michele


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