July Recap

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July Recap

I am introducing a new feature to the blog today, a simple recap of the past month. I tend to share a lot of the month in separate blog posts; Links I Love, Monthly Amazon Purchases, Monthly Favorites & Monthly Department Store Purchases. I decided to refocus and combine some of these posts into one. These monthly recaps will have different sections including a recap of my month, highs & lows and any purchases from the past month. If I purchase enough from Amazon or have enough "favorites" from the past month I'll still share those in separate blog post, but if it's a couple things I'll put them in the monthly recaps. I will also still be sharing Links I Love, but it will be once a month. So there you have it! Now you know what to expect from these recaps so let's get into it.. my July Recap.

July Recap
July Recap
July Recap
July Recap

As you might have notice, Feline... wait, I a mean.. Michele, One "L" went through a huge change. It was an extremely fun, but also a difficult change. My blog is like my baby. It's a hobby that has turned into a business which still baffles me, but here we are. This change would not have been possible without all of you. I am so in love with my new blog name, layout and everything else that is still to come.

Highs & Lows
I have turned into a big podcast gal and something that lot of my favorite podcasts do is they mention their highs and lows of the week. I thought this would be a really cool feature to add to my recap posts.

Highs: I think my highs of this month is just the overall aesthetic of the blog. I took almost the whole month of July off (well not really), to just focus on my brand and content that I want to share with you all. All of the changes that have come and are still to come just make me very proud and I love seeing my ideas start to come to life.

Lows: When you become an adult.. I know what a scary thought.. you start to make more money which is great, but then you also have bills to pay. Just overall finances have been a little stressful but it's mostly because Omar and I are leaving for California probably on the day that you're reading this! Paying for a 15-day trip whilst taking 15-days off of work is expensive, let's be honest! So, yeah I think just adult finance stuff would be my lows of the month.

I really don't have a lot of favorites for the month of July, which is why I'm, including it in the recap this month. I'm sure I'll have more favorites for them month of August so that will be it's own post next month, but since finances are my low, I haven't had a chance to test out new products. That doesn't mean I don't have anything to share with you though.

Google Calendar // I have turned into a big Google–Cal gal. I still love my agenda because there's something about physically writing down a to-do list to complete, but when I'm on the computer having my Google Calendar to help me organize blog posts, photoshoots, trips and appointments is just super helpful.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish // I have never been a person who can paint their own nails. My best friend, Rocio, can paint her nails in her sleep and I was always so jealous of that. I really needed to suck it up and paint my nails for a wedding because I didn't have time to get them professionally done so I grabbed this nail polish in the store and I feel like a new person. I don't know what it is about this specific nail polish, but it works for me and I'll probably never use anything else. I think it's a combination of the applicator, it glides onto the nails very easily and the fact that it instantly drys. I am such an impatient purchase and waiting for nails to dry is the biggest inconvenience to me. I always mess them up because I can't wait for them to dry, but this polish really does dry in just a few minutes which is amazing. Highly recommend this nail polish.

iPhone X & AirPods // I finally did it– I got a phone upgrade!! I've had the iPhone 6s for over three years now and I put off getting a new phone for so long. It's not because I didn't want a new one, but it's because right before I got my iPhone 6s they changed the policy to where you have to pay for the entire phone versus just $200 for the upgrade. Don't get me wrong, I get it. Every two years I can get the brand new thousand dollar phone for only two-hundred bucks... like okay, but I was still mad about it. I turned in my iPhone 6s at the Apple store for credit and applied it towards getting a new iPhone and some AirPods and I'm very happy with my decision.

Magazines // My love for magazines has come back and not that it ever really went away, but with my job and the new responsibilities (stay tuned for a job update) that has come with it, I have just been loving magazines all over again and appreciating the design work a lot more.

Since I've been gearing up for this 15-day trip to Cali, I obviously did some shopping. There were just a few items on my wishlist for this trip and the rest were simple necessities, but nonetheless, here are my purchases from the month of July.

Rhinestone Ring Set | Sleeping Eye Mask | High-Waisted Denim Shorts | Louis Vuitton Palm Springs MiniWhite Sandals | Black High-Waisted Bikini | Gold Pooka Shell Bracelet | Rhinestone Bracelet Set | Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis CrossbodyWhite Zaful Distressed Sweater | Clear Gold Star iPhone Case | Zyrtec | Blue Wilderness Dog Food | Toilet Brush Cleaner | Travel Jewelry CaseAirPods | iPhone X

Until next month.
xoxo, Michele

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