April Recap

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April Recap

April was a weird one. It's kind of crazy to see how still the world is right now. I've been loving the quarantine to be honest, but I know that I'm one of the few. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling through this time. April was a very calm month for me. I spent time with family and finished putting our apartment together. I was patently waiting for one more decor piece to come in and when it finally did I started filming an apartment tour! I've been very active on Instagram @michelekatsaris so you should definitely follow me on there. Today I'm sharing my purchases, links I love and more!

April Recap
April Recap
April Recap
April Recap
April Recap
Highs & Lows
Highs: Maybe it's because we can't really go out anywhere, but I have been saving a lot more money. That stimulus check was a nice bonus too, but my finances have been really good lately. I could do this quarantine thing another couple months to be honest if this is how my bank account is going to look.

Lows: I have been feeling a little bit more anxiety lately and not because we're stuck at home, that's not the problem. It's more like I have this list of things to-do, which I've done most of it don't get me wrong, but other things (like taking photos for the blog or spending quality time with my dog) I feel I'm lacking on. I feel very fatigued and tired... but from what? I'm not sure what my problem is lately, I just want to snap out of it and be super productive during this down time.

These 2 Songs // I have had these two songs on repeat all month. It just gives me such 2009, just got my license vibes. "Sunday Best" by Surfaces and "Death Bed (cup of coffee for your head)" by Powfu.

Sakura Presets // I shared these recently, but my old boss from Bloguettes released her presets and I have just been obsessed. I have enjoyed doing more photo shoots and editing because of these presets. I highly recommend!

Vanderpump Rules // Another great season is in the works. Catch up on Bravo TV now.

Animal Crossing // Oh my gosh, I can't stop. It's so addicting.

"Imaginary Friend" // I shared this book recently too in my quarantine favorites post (click here to view) but I'm almost done with it. I love Stephen Chbosky, he's my favorite author and I was so stoked when I saw he had another book out (after twenty years!!).

Links I Love

Remi Ashten Moving Vlogs // Since I just moved, I have been loving moving vlogs and Remi Ashten has been bring👏🏻ing👏🏻the👏🏻content👏🏻! Content, baby, content. I wish I had her moving budget, but it's still fun to watch and motivates me to get my place together as well.

Ariana Grande #DisneySingAlong // Just like everyone else, I swooned over Ariana Grande's version of "I Won't Say I'm In Love." She killed it, like always.

Disney Recipes //
This just gets me so excited for our Disney trip this year. I think you should visit Disney at least every other year. I want to try these recipes asap!

Coachella At Home // One of my favorite YouTubers, Morgan Yates, has proved, yet again, that she is the content queen. She literally recreated Coachella at her home. I mean, this video is everything.

NintenTalk YouTube // A new YouTube channel I recently found. This has helped me so much build my Animal Crossing island. I wasn't really getting it, until I started watching these videos. If you need some ideas or tutorials to upgrade your island, visit this YouTube channel.

How To Host A Dinner Party // ... In A Small Space! I loved this article because it was just filled with great ideas. I love having people over, but we live in an apartment and at the end of the day our guest can only go so far. This post has definitely inspired me for once this quarantine is over how to up my hosting game.

My Interview With Makayla Phillips // This is a very random, but very exciting interview.  I wasn't sure what to expect when interviewing top 20 American Idol and seventeen-year-old Makayla Phillips, but she did not disappoint. She was so mature and well-spoken, plus the girl has a killer voice. Check out my interview with Makayla by clicking the link here.


xoxo, Michele

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