Favorite Things During Quarantine

Favorite Things During Quarantine

You can look up any "tips for working from home" or "things to do during quarantine," but today I'm share the honest truth about my favorites (aka: the things keeping me sane) during quarantine. This is not an inspirational list or a motivational pep talk, this is the truth. In this photograph (taken on Easter) is the first time I've worn jeans in a month, I haven't had a consistent workout schedule and I'm pretty sure Netflix should be paying me for how many hours of streaming I have consumed. These are physical items that have been keeping me entertained and if you're bored or need somethings to buy, let me help you out.

1. Animal Crossing–It's actually insane how much time I have put into this game, but I am addicted. Damn you Tom Nook. Share your friend code with me!

2. Albus the Hamster–I recently shared that I got a new pet hamster and this little guy has been such a random joy. No time like now where you can adopt or take home a furry friend.

3. "Imaginary Friend" by Stephen Chbosky–I shared on my Instagram recently (@michelekatsaris) that my favorite author of all-time, finally came out with another novel. Will I ever stop talking about "Perks of Being a Wallflower?"–No. But in the meantime I'll talk about Stephen Chbosky's new book, "Imaginary Friend," I am about 7 chapters in and I can't get enough of it.

4. Movies–I started my quarantine with a Harry Potter marathon (hence the name Albus), then binged "The Hunger Games" series and then went into a Jesse Eisenberg-athon watching "The Social Network" (twice), "Now You See Me" and "Now You See Me 2," then I watched "21" and pretended like I could count cards for a day, and don't forget my favorite book turned into a movie produced and directed by my favorite author, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

5. PuzzlesA Baby Yoda puzzle lasted us two days, while this 1000 piece mosaic Disney art one is kicking our ass (still not finished when this post goes live).

6. Fruit Roll-Ups & Rosé–Just being honest, these have been my go-to's.

7. Photography–I have been pulling out all the gadgets. From my polaroid (recently purchased Disney princess film, it's adorbs) to my actual film camera, my Nikon for digital photos, my ring light and my iPhone. I also recently downloaded Sakura's presets (my old boss from Bloguettes) she just released and it has totally changed the game for me.

8. Tye-Dye–I don't do Tik Tok, but I have seen this trend going around and I jumped on board. It's cute so leave me alone.

9. Bubble Baths–Does this one need an explanation?

10. Walks with Oliver–Between working on a computer all day and playing an insane amount of Animal Crossing, you can easily forget to get some fresh air. My daily walks with Oliver have been so refreshing.

xoxo, Michele

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