My Amazon Subscriptions

Washington, DC, USA
My Amazon Subscriptions

I've always loved going to Costco because you can buy things in bulk. Why not buy a years worth of toilet paper in one trip? It just makes the most sense. The thing is, living in an apartment doesn't make Costco trips as fun as they used to be. Enter Amazon *cue angels singing in the background.* Obviously you can order anything you need off of Amazon, but did you know that you can get all of your home essentials sent delivered right to your door the same time every month? With Amazon's subscribe & save service, I never have to leave home and I'll always have the essentials stocked up. I don't even need to make multiple trips to my car because it gets delivered right to my door.

My Amazon Subscriptions

If you didn't know that, or you did, I'm sharing the items that I have a subscription to and how often I get them delivered. Not to mention, the subscribe and save really does help you save. By subscribing to a product you get a discount. You can cancel or change your order anytime and there's no extra fees. I highly suggest subscribing to your everyday essentials, especially if you live in an apartment #apartmentliving.

1. Toilet Paper & Baby Wipes– This one will vary month-to-month, but I get baby wipes delivered every 5-6 months and toilet paper every 3-4 months.

2. Paper Towels– This one will sometimes change because it just depends on what we have going on that month, but it's mostly delivered every 3-4 months.

3. Tampons–  This will vary from woman to woman, but one box usually last me about two-three months and with this order, I get 4 boxes at a time. This is one that I will skip every now and then too if I need to, but for the most part it's delivered every 6 months.

4. Laundry Pods & Dish Pods– Every 8 months. Each container has about 70-90 pods in them and I do and average of 2-3 loads of laundry and dishes per week. This is another one I might skip a month every now and then if needed.

5. Dog Food & Dog Treats– So, so happy I started getting this delivered because it's heavy! I get this order about every 6-8 weeks.

6. Diva Laundry Detergent– I use this detergent as well as a laundry pod because it smells amazing, but it's expensive, it's a luxury not a necessity, but I still get this delivered about every 3 months.

7. Lint Rollers– A must for a husky owner. We get this pack of lint rollers delivered every 5 months. I'll skip this from time-to-time too.

8. Vitamins– This is the big one. My boyfriend and I have year-round allergies, so we always need Zytrec on hand (delivered every 2 months). I also take a daily vitamin (delivered every 3 months) and a vitamin C daily (delivered every 5 months) and I like gummies because I'm a child. Oliver also has seasonal allergies so we get him these low does allergy medicine pills (delivered every 6 months) and he takes two of those a day and he also takes a fish oil and joint supplement daily (delivered every 2 months).

Amazon subscribe & save program has just been a life saver and it's so easy to manage especially if you have the app on your phone, which you totally should. There are some other things that some people have asked me about such as trash bags or cleaning supplies, but anytime I move to a new place I do make one major Costco run for that type of stuff and honestly it last me a very long time. Maybe down the road when I start to run out of those things I'll switch up my subscription, but for now these are the items that I find myself constantly repurchasing off Amazon so it just made sense to subscribe and save instead!

Any other items you think I should keep an eye out for? Let me know by commenting down below!

xoxo, Michele

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