Costco Dog Advent Calendar Review

Washington, DC, USA

Costco Dog Advent Calendar Review

I am so excited to share this because as a dog mom this was easily one of my favorite things to do this holiday season. Unlike my FRIENDS advent calendar, the Costco dog treat advent calendar did not disappoint. Everyday my pup got a yummy treat and I was surprised not only by the flavors (we think Oliver has an allergy to salmon so we try to avoid those and this calendar didn't have any unlike the Trader Joe's ones) but that it wasn't just one treat in each box. There were 4-6 treats for the smaller ones and about 4 for the bigger treats. And the two days that they were hard jerky treats there was one, but they were plenty big! Oliver freaking loved this thing and I think we just found a new tradition for our little guy.

Costco Dog Advent Calendar Review

Since this was his first one and I wanted to remember this, I simply had to create a video. If my words don't sell you on this product, maybe this video will šŸ˜­.

Happy holidays from Michele & Oliver! ❤️

xoxo, Michele

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