December Recap

Washington, DC, USA

December Recap

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I am so bummed that December is over! The holidays are always my favorite time of the year and each year I try to do more and more Christmas activities just to feel that magic ✨. I already have some more ideas for next year, but let's reflect on how December went for me. In all honesty, it started a little rough with finances and then car trouble! Boo. But then it turned out amazing!! I love all the gifts I got everyone as well as everything I received too. My family just spoils me and I'm always extremely grateful not just for what they get me, but the thoughtfulness of everyone and how there's always room in the Katsaris' household for others. Each year just gets better and better and now that our family is growing I already can't wait for next year!! 

This December I definitely filled my calendar. I went to a Christmas themed bar in DC with my cousin and boyfriend, did Secret Santa with my friends (shout out my Secret Santa Tony for my awesome gifts!) and had a girls Christmas night complete with a tacos (what else says Christmas better than tacos?), a gift exchange and a hot coco board. We did tons of festive things on the 24th and 25th including multiple dinners, gift exchanges and lots and lots of laughter. My boyfriend and I took some holiday family photos (with our fur babies of course) and decorating for the holidays was one of my favorite things. We had lots of Christmas nights at the house where we wrapped presents, watched movies and drank hot coco. We also  did the drive-thru light show and I took Oliver and wow. I just love making these holiday memories with my #1 guy. Oh which reminds me Oliver & I both had advent calendars this year (spoiler: his was way better than mine!). Just overall I had a great month filled with happiness, love and a lot of gratitude. 

December Recap
December Recap
December Recap

Highs: These are minor highs, but highs nonetheless. I made my first sale on RewardStyle which is super exciting! And I got a part-time gig in marketing which is also great because I've got some big plans for 2021 and can use the extra cash!

Lows: The worst kind of low is car trouble. Why? Because it's super inconvenient and its money you did not plan on spending. I had car trouble in the beginning of the month and luckily it's all taken care of now, but it's just annoying๐Ÿ™„.


Dog Advent Calendar // I got this in the middle of November because I instantly knew that Oliver (my dog) would love it. And he does! Everyday he gets so excited to open up his little treat for the day. I'm saving all the videos and will be compiling it into one whole video to show you later on ๐Ÿ˜.

FRIENDS Key Holder // I got this as a birthday gift for my cousin and now I want one for myself. It's so detailed and cute and perfect!!

Tell Me A Story // I've been meaning to watch this show since Paul Wesley is in it, but I never got around to it. I finally binged watched Season 1 in less than a week. SO GOOD!! Now I'm on season 2 and I think I like it even more than season 1. 

Jersey Shore Family Reunion // My favorite fam is back together ๐Ÿ˜œ!! I've been binge watching this show lately, but yeah it's not the same without Snooki.

YOU // I rewatched You on Netflix and forgot how good this show is. Except season two is trash, but I;m excited for season 3 to come out soon.

Hot Chocolate Cold Brew // I saw this on a TikTok and wanted to try it for myself and wow! I might have found my new favorite drink!

TikTok // I finally understand why everyone says this app is addicting...because it is. I have saved mostly TikTok videos to share with you as links I love this month because I used TikTok way more than I used Facebook and Twitter combined this month!

Links I Love

Bunny The Talking Dog // This dog has a mat that when he presses it certain words are spoken. He has learned how to communicate with his parents and it's so freaking cool!

Woody's Lunch Box // I noticed how detailed the Toy Story part of the Disney park was when we went, and I'm so glad I'm not the only one. This part is so detailed and it's ingenious how they put all this together.

Dog TikTok // I can't get enough of videos of dogs. I've watched this one more times than I can count, it's so funny and cute and perfect.

Funko House // This house in California always does large Funko's as Christmas decorations and it's better than those inflatable things! 

Harry Potter Book End // I thought this staircase bookend from Little Art Adventures is the most magical thing ever. 10/10! 

Loungefly Disney Princess Books Purse // I saw this purse on TikTok (duh) and just freaking loved it! It's the perfect Disney bag.

Bachelorette AirBnB // Again, saw it on TikTok first, but this is such a smart idea! I definitely would stay here for my Bachelorette weekend!!


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I hope you all had a great year and I look forward to sharing more in 2021!

xoxo, Michele

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