January Recap + Mine & Oliver's Birthday Wishlist

Washington, DC, USA

January Recap

When I say January hit me like a truck, I'm not exaggerating. I rung in the new year with my loved ones but after the holidays things really started picking up for me. I was given an amazing opportunity to accept a part-time marketing job, my boyfriend started his soccer coach license program, we went to New York one weekend, I was offered another part-time gig (details to come soon) and I definitely can't talk about this, but my boyfriend and I are starting this insane project and when it comes time I will share, but for now–I have to be annoying and say "it's a secret." I am exhausted and it's only January to say the least. 

January Recap
January Recap
January Recap
January Recap
January Recap

Highs & Lows

Highs: There are a lot of great opportunities coming my way, so I can't complain about that aspect. But with all the new opportunities comes less time for myself. Hopefully it will pay off in the future though 🤞🏼.  I also launched my very own line of notebooks and journals that you can buy from Amazon! Click here to check them out!

Lows: I'm tired. And I don't mean that in a cute, I'm so busy, kind of way. I mean I have hit a freaking burnout when it comes to work. There's just been so much negativity and confusion and disorganization that I don't vibe with. I'm a very type-A person—it's what makes me such a great employee—but when upper management is disorganized it's a domino effect and it not only impacts my job but my mental state. 

Links I Love

My Work // For January I interviewed artist Jena Holliday! Her story is so interesting because I still can't get over how she left her full-time corporate job while she was eight months pregnant! That's so crazy! Check out my interview with Jena by clicking the link here and also check out my Currents page

My Notebooks // Guys! I created my very own line of witty notebooks available to purchase on Amazon! Click here to view the notebooks that are currently available and stay tuned for more in the future!

TikToks // As you all know I have been obsessed with TikTok lately so I'm simply going to round up some of my favorites from this past month; This car collection–iconic, The Originals cast interview–hilarious, I forgot we were adults–honestly this is me, Corgi's ears won't stand up–freaking adorable, Pokémon laptop art–so sick and Hogwarts glass box–want


Thrifting // Oh my gosh. We have had some amazing thrifting trips this month. I literally went thrifting three days in a row one weekend it was insane, but totally worth it. I also went thrifting in NYC and I just...wow. I don't think I can ever shop at a mall again.

Disney Spotify Playlist // Why did it take me so long to discover this type of playlist? I have been listening non-stop and this playlist just puts me in the best mood. Highly recommend. 

Pocket Pikachu // YOU GUYS! My boyfriend got me a Pocket Pikachu for Christmas and I am GEEKING OUT! I carry him with me everywhere, I check on him daily and I just am so happy. I had one of these as a kid and it gives me all the nostalgia feels.

Iced Coffee Maker // Another Christmas gift that my boyfriend got me is an iced coffee/cold brew maker and it has stepped up my coffee game. I am obsessed. 

My Kitchen Refresh // A goal of mine for the new year was to organize our kitchen. I've been in denial this whole year thinking I was going to go back to the office next week, next month and like here we are a year later still working from home. So I wanted to get organized and make the most of my space, so I packed all of my work clothes, organized the kitchen with containers (ooOooOOo how adult) and really utilized every cabinet and closet to make my apartment feel put together.


Banana Republic Men's Grey Cashmere Sweater | Harry Potter 1000 Piece Puzzle | Wolfgang Puck Storage Container (Similar) | 18-Egg Storage Container | Champion White Fanny Pack | Anne Klein 10-pck Socks | Brookstone UV Sanitizer Light | Head Sports Wear Petites Snow Pants (Similar) | Lee Sport Women's Casuals Denim Shirt with Washington Redskins Stitching | Glass Jars | The Office Season One DVD | Bounce Pet Hair & Lint Guard Dryer Sheets | Pan and Lid Organizer | Mounted Storage Containers | Breakfast at Tiffany's Vinyl Record Player | Syrup Pumps | Acrylic Drink DispensersWooden 3-Tier Spice Rack | Wooden Lazy Susan

Birthday Wishlist

As you all should know by now my dog and I have the same birthday. And being the Aquarius that we are, we always have a wishlist put together. Here's mine and Oliver's birthday wishlist 😜.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Crewneck Sweater (L) | CZ Initial "M" Necklace | White Levi's Denim Jacket With Sherpa Lining (SM or M) | Abercrombie & Fitch Gift Cards | This Works Stress Check Breathe In Roller Ball | This Works Stress Check Facial Oil | This Works In Transit Pollution Shield Facial Mist | ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover | Hermes Dupe Brown/White Blanket | Acrylic Memo Board | Designer Ice Molds | Sky Light Projector | Printer for Phone | Tool Kit | Tyler Glamourous Laundry Detergent | Chicken Feet | Bully Sticks

Don't forget to check out my line of notebooks available on Amazon.com!

xoxo, Michele

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