Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY

Washington, DC, USA

Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY

Lexi Combs has become a viral DIY TikTok star in a little less than a year. During the 2020 quarantine–while also planning her dream wedding–Lexi shared how she was able to DIY most of her wedding, Christmas decor and so much more online. I'm not only honored to share Lexi's story because she's extremely creative and talented, but because I've known Lexi since high school! I love seeing old friends and people from my home town succeed in their passions. Lexi is the sweetest person and I'm so thrilled to share her story with you today.

Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My name is Lexi and I am a full-time DIY content creator! I am 26 and married to the love of my life Dustin! We have 3 crazy dogs, Penelope, Oliver and Kali! I enjoy wine, shopping and watching a lot of HGTV! (side note: Oliver is a great dog name, I would know šŸ˜‰).

How did you get into the DIY world?

I got into the DIY world when I posted my DIY marble place cards on TikTok and the video went viral!! When people started watching and asking me how to do specific projects I jumped in head first to the deep end of the DIY world. I was having so much fun and really challenging myself to come up with affordable DIYs that people needed in addition to things I was already creating for my own wedding and that’s how Lexi DIY started!

Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY

Favorite thing you’ve ever DIY’d?

This is such a hard question because I have so many projects that I absolutely love! I would have to say my ornament Christmas Tree is my favorite thing I’ve created so far. It was such a fun and easy project that quickly gained traction on TikTok and surpassed 7 Million views! This DIY also created many opportunities for me, such as being featured on BuzzFeed which is hands down the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

How did you grow your following? What advice would you give to others who are looking to start a DIY channel?

I grew a following by posting consistently and authentically being myself. I also put a lot of time into learning about the TikTok algorithm and staying up to date on the changes that it makes every few weeks. I do this by watching a lot of other TikTok videos (especially DIY ones), analyzing the trends and adjusting them to fit my niche. The best advice I can give to anybody wanting to start a channel would be JUST START POSTING! Your content isn’t going to be great at first but practice makes perfect and you have to start putting yourself out there! Additionally, reply to absolutely every comment and DM! Building a community is not only super important for gaining a large following but it’s also amazing to build relationships with people who are interested in the same things you are.

You recently launched your own website, tell us a bit about that process and what type of items you’ll have on there?

Building out Lexidiy.com was actually a much harder process than I had anticipated. It took me around two months to get it all together. Some days I would spend 12 hours straight designing digital download products, such as wedding invitations and save the dates. I also have digital download holiday cards available and I will be expanding into physical wedding products, home decor products, online courses and publishing an E-book in 2021!

What advice would you give to others who are starting their own DIY website/channel/shop? 

My best tip for people starting their own DIY business is so many items can be found at Dollar Tree for much cheaper than a craft store. The way I’ve built my stockpile is finding products I absolutely love and use constantly and then stocking up on them when they’re on sale. I also take a trip (or maybe a few) to Dollar Tree every week and pick up items from their craft and seasonal sections. I also shop for seasonal craft supplies after the holidays when they’re on clearance to stock up for the next year. The one thing I suggest splurging on is a Cricut machine. It has made the range of projects I can do much larger and it's hands down worth every penny!

Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY
Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY
Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY
Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY

You DIY’d your own wedding. Tell us about that process; Why you did it? What you saved on vs. splurged on? What made you go “I can make that myself.”

The process of DIYing my own wedding was so much fun and extremely rewarding! I decided to DIY parts of my wedding when I realized how insanely expensive everything was. Although I completely understand that you are paying for the experience and expertise of wedding vendors, the wedding industry mark up is far greater than other events. I had all of these amazing wedding elements pinned to my Pinterest board and I realized many of them were just simply out of reach with my budget. Then I thought well I’m crafty...I could probably make something similar and so I just started crafting! Between making my own signs, wedding favors, flowers and much more...I estimate my savings to be around $3,000-$4,000! I splurged on a few important items though. First would be my photographer and videographer. I wanted to make sure I had somebody who could really capture the day so me and my husband could look back on it for the rest of our lives! Second–and one thing I think everybody should invest in–is a great DJ! Our DJ was absolutely amazing and he really kept the entire wedding on track and made sure all of the guests were having a fun time. The last thing I really went all out on was my dress! It was hands down the most important thing to me so I was willing to spend whatever I had to (within reason of course) to get the most special dress of my life. Click here to read "7 Ways to Save Big On Your Dream Wedding" by Lexi DIY.

Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY
Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY
Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY
Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY

What is your next project you’re working on for the future?

My next project is actually an entire house renovation! Me and my husband just bought a big fixer upper and we are planning to renovate the entire thing with the help of friends, family and watching a lot of YouTube videos. I’m hoping to show people that you can create the space you want on a tight budget! Click here to subscribe to Lexi DIY YouTube Channel.

Q&A With DIY TikTok Star Lexi DIY
Photography Credit: Cortese Photography & Film

Again, I am just soo proud of Lexi and everything she has accomplished. I am obsessed with her videos (because I am just not a DIY person) and I can't wait to see all of the house renovations she does. To keep up with Lexi follow her on all her social media platforms that are linked down below!

LexiDIY YouTube Channel | @Lexi.DIY Instagram | @Lexi.DIY TikTok  

LexiDIY.com Website | LexiDIY Pinterest

xoxo, Michele

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