February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday

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February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday

I am so sick of FebruaryIt's the shortest month but it sure doesn't feel that way." – The Office. My favorite month is over. Why is it my favorite month? Because it's my month. Mine and my dog's birthday is on February 3rd and my best friend's birthday is on the 8th. It's such a fun time because it's non-stop about me šŸ˜œ. All jokes aside, I had a pretty great month. Towards the end it started to get a little rocky, but I just need to get back into the swing of things to make sure March doesn't start the way February ended.

February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday
February Recap + What I Got For My Birthday

Highs & Lows

Highs: I have to be annoying and a typical ~influencer~ here and say that I am working on a very top secret project that I am dying to tell everyone about, I just can't yet. Once the papers are signed I will be shouting it from the rooftop (pun intended, you'll see), but until then you just have to know that I've got a lot planned for the upcoming months. Another note is that I launched my very own line of notebooks and journals that you can buy from Amazon! Click here to check them out!

Lows: I swear having "low points" of the month while being an adult just go back and forth between being tired and finances. It's like you take ten steps forward then you have to scramble for a last minute flight to Colorado because your flight got cancelled and now you're ten steps back with finances. šŸ™„ Adulting, am I right? On top of that my February interview with David Archuleta got postponed for reasons I do NOT agree with. But for now, I will bite my tongue because I want it to get printed one way or another.

Links I Love

My Work || I don't have much to show for February except my currents page so click here to read that!

Ariana Grande as Meg // I heard that Ariana Grande will be playing Meg in the real-life Hercules movie and I'm here for it!!

TikToks // These TikToks have nothing to do with a specific category, I just like them. This The Originals interview, Animal Crossing bath bombs, Paris Hilton Juicy Couture outfits, Rating shit from Home Goods (SO FUNNY), Outside my job descriptions (I felt this one), Taco Bell wedding (I shouldn't have laughed this hard at this, but I did) and a first look with the Groomsmen—I'm definitely doing this now.

2000's TikToks // These TikToks made me laugh so hard. If you grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s then you totally get these videos. Typical day in my life, the "Nano" hair clip šŸ˜‚, Bratz beauty line, 2000's websites, Acoustic Barbie Girl cover, Manny Santos Bust It Challenge, Barbie Original Dream House, Ed Westwick (AKA Chuck Bass) is on TikTok, Fashion looks inspired by "The Nanny," Personality based on your school supplies and the Toy Story pizza car!

The Office // Since The Office isn't on Netflix I have gone down an Office TikTok hole which showed me how this wedding party re-did the opening credit scene for their wedding party and how someone turned their home office into well The Office!

FRIENDS // Just like The Office, I have fallen into a FRIENDS TikTok hole. I bought my cousin this key holder of Monica's apartment, but now there's one including Joey & Chandler's apartment too! Also a FRIENDS themed bachelorette party and a FRIENDS mini dollhouse.

Jersey Shore Cast FT Prank // Vinny did the Face Time prank on his cast and their reactions are priceless.

Custom Harry Potter Box // This lady is working on a custom Harry Potter dresser or box, whatever it is, it's freaking cool! 

My Notebooks // Guys! I created my very own line of witty notebooks available to purchase on Amazon! Click here to view the notebooks that are currently available and stay tuned for more in the future!

Animal TikToks // This has become a permanent part of my Links I Love section I suppose so here they are; The "Azkaban" Command, Dog gets food from vendors, Dog gets first dance with his mom/the bride, Calling PETA because no one said "Oh Big Stretch!", Blind cat tries to scare sibling, No one cares about your baby, Treating dog like a baby, Dog outfits including "doubling the bows" šŸ˜‚, Dog's 7th birthday, Chicken Wing Song (I can't stop singing this now), What cats do when humans aren't home, Outfits for a ferret, Duck thinks he's one of the dogs, Dog goes to Build-A-Bear, Dog goes down a snow hill, The MOST dramatic husky, A baby cow, Husky gets ready for Santa Paws, Day date with man's best friend, A cat photographer, What people see when they see my dog, Tiffany & Co. Pup, Dog has a strict bedtime, Dog picks what hand for treats, Do you like this dogs style?, Cat and dog twins, Booping Snoots, Dog signs marriage license, Dog best friends, Dog gets duckie surprise for his birthday, Pretend to "eat your dog," Chipotle date with dog, What people think having a hedgehog is like, L-O-V-E photo shoot with a dog, Dog goes down aisle at wedding, Dog thinks he's the dad to the new kitten litter, Kitten gets Starbucks for the first time, Photographer helps get foster dogs adopted, Dog acts like it's humans for the day, Spoiled T&CO pup, Dog blows bubbles in pool, Duck goes to Dunkin', and The Mandalorian Husky.


Thrifting // A big part of my secret project has to do with thrifting. I unfortunately can't show you a lot of the products yet because it would be an obvious giveaway, but just know the next few months the reason my "purchases" section is light is because I'm working on something pretty great for the future. But yes, thrifting has been a game changer for me and my style. Can't recommend it enough.

Steve Madden Howler Suede Boots // My best friend got me these for my birthday and I have been living in them ever since. I feel like such a baddie in these shoes and it definitely shows.

Dyson Air Wrap // I got this bad boy for Christmas and let me tell you...it is a game changer! I don't think I've used a curling iron or hair straighter since. It is the ultimate tool and now that I got the hang of it, I'll be using it every day!

How I Met Your Mother // Since The Office was taken off of Netflix (don't get me started on that one) I have been re-watching HIMYM. I LOVE THIS SHOW! It's seriously directed and edited so well, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend. 

Impossible Meat // I finally tried this in early February and wow. My mouth. is watering just thinking about it actually. If you're a vegetarian you need to run—don't walk—to your nearest grocery store and get some right now

Dog Sledding // I will definitely go into more detail about this but when I went to Colorado at the end of February the one thing I wanted to do was go dog sledding. But I had to do my research because I don't support animal activities that are just in it for them money and don't take care of the pups. Monarch Dog Sledding is everything I could have wanted and more. I absolutely fell in love with the experience to the point where it made my whole trip (the first half of the trip was a little rocky for me–will tell the story on the blog soon) and I can't recommend Monarch Dog Sled Rides enough. They even adopt out the pups when they hit retirement age. There's a dog named Spike that I will definitely be coming back for in eight years šŸ˜šŸŗ.

Heating Pad // My mom got me a new heating pad for my birthday and it's a game changer. I use it every day seriously, it's that amazing!


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What Oliver & I Got For Our Birthdays

Heating Pad | Urban Outfitters Mickey Mouse Fantasia T-Shirt | Harry Potter Golden Snitch Candle | Steve Madden Howler Boots | New York Salt & Pepper Shaker | Fragrant Jewels Candle + Bath Bomb | Laneige Travel Trio Kit | PetSmart Gift Card | Marc Fisher Slingback Pumps | AirBnB for Dummies Book | White Boots | What Do You Meme The Office Edition | Aristocats Hat | Winnie the Pooh Tigger Sweater | Amazon Tanks | Amazon Felt Pens | Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Interlocking Ring | LUSH Bath Bombs

Don't forget to check out my line of notebooks available on Amazon.com!

xoxo, Michele

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