March Recap

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March Recap

I am SO happy that March is over!! Holy crap, this was not a fun month for me. Why is this month always so hard? I had a crappy March last year too to the point where I was crying and saying "I need a break," and well I kinda got my wish...yikes. Even though this past year has been incredible, everyone has to hit a bump in the road eventually right? I know that I had some hard days because I have some amazing days coming up. All these good things are about to happen I can feel it in my bones, but it's still just a few weeks away. Let's hope these next few months are just better, because I think I need another break.

March Recap
March Recap
March Recap
March Recap
March Recap

Highs: Okay, okay, not all of March was bad. I'm officially an aunt!!! My brother and SIL gave birth to beautiful baby girl named Anastasia. She is actual perfection and I love her so much already. Another good thing is that I got into Grad School!! I can't believe that I got into a college that I've dreamed of going to since I was a kid and that's NYU!! Holy crap, this is real life.

Lows: Even though it was a high moment for me, a low moment is that I didn't get into the program that I wanted to. I got into the school of Journalism but I wanted to take a different curriculum is all. So we'll see how I can finesse this a little πŸ˜‰.


Welch's Superfruit Snacks // Okay, I know this is random, but lately this has been go-to snack. Best "flavor" pack of fruit snacks hands down, trust me.

Housewives of New Jersey // My OG girls are back!! I freaking love this housewives group, they're yay favorite and episode one we were already getting into it.

The Weather // I'm so happy the weather is getting warmer. I didn't realize just how much the weather and the freaking time change can alter your mood. It's kind of crazy actually, but I'm so happy the weather is getting nicer out.

Gossip Girl Books // I'm almost done with this series!! I've been reading in between this series, but I'm only two books away from finishing this series and there will definitely be a review of this series on the blog so stay tuned!!

Skincare Products // I've really gotten into my skincare routine again lately. I feel like it goes in waves, one day you're doing all 15-steps and other days you're barely washing your face. My favorite products lately have included; Laneige Water Mask, Mario Badescu Eye Gel, Ice Face Roller, This Works Deep Sleep Body Wash, Shower Steamers, Eucalyptus Shower Spray and Frank Body Coffee Scrub.

SheIn Journal Supplies // I almost feel dumb not viewing this stuff earlier, but I bought $30 worth of journaling supplies and I am freaking obsessed. Click here to see my haul. I will definitely be repurchasing more stuff and soon!!

Soccer // It's that time of the year again where my friends are I are playing soccer for an adult league in the area. We have been having so much fun and on our first game I even played keeper and did pretty good if I do say so myself πŸ˜‰.

My Niece // Hello!! Obviously she is my absolute favorite thing this month and every month from here on out 😍.

Links I Love

Lizzie McGuire x ColourPop Collection // It's actually launch day as I write this out, and I have the alarm set for when it goes live. I want this ENTIRE collection!!!! So stay tuned to see if I got it πŸ˜‰.

TikToks // Here is my list of TikToks that I've saved this past month, enjoy!! This PokΓ©mon game that I had as a kid, maternity dog photos, animals that have pretty privilegeappropriate guest attire to weddings,  life size "Goodnight Moon," spinny hat for dog, how people are after a trip to the city (I feel attacked πŸ˜‚), getting your dog a little brother, R2D2 in DisneyWorld, when my boyfriend says my outfit is "weird," Queen Gia and her iconic TikTok song, fashion trends to cancel in 2020 πŸ˜‚, a baby hippo saying "hi," the coolest artwork combining all of my favorite tv shows, the PokΓ©mon center (I need to go ASAP), "Scooby" custom nailsI need to go home to my dog (totally relatable), "Stitch" movie promos that came out back in the day, what its like having Sandy Cohen as a dad, "what about PhotoBucket?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, how adults have to put together 3 meals a day, telling my dog about my day at work and of course getting a Mother's Day card as a dog-mom

Amazon Notebooks // I added a ton of new designs to my notebook collection available on Amazon! Click here to purchase πŸ˜œ.


Lizzie McGuire x ColourPop Collection | Back and Neck Stretcher | Face Slimming Mask | White Steve Madden Slip-On Shoes | 40pc Slogan Graphic Random Sticker | 60pc Cartoon Graphic Random Sticker | 60pcs Flower Print Random Sticker | Landscape Print Sticker Book - 50 Pages | 30sheets Random Mixed Pattern Material Paper 12pcs Letter Graphic Wooden Stamp | 30pcs Butterfly Pattern Random Sticker | Vintage Famous Poster Print Postcard 32sheets | 46pcs Vintage Pattern Stamp Design Sticker

xoxo, Michele

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