I'm Taking a Break...

Washington, DC, USA
I'm Taking a Break...

For the first time on Michele, One L I have decided to take a break. This was bound to happen eventually and you probably could tell from my lack of posting...but I need a break. Between my full time job and potentially moving very soon (stay tuned) I'm just feeling a little burned out and uninspired. I love blogging and it's always been my creative outlet outside of my 9-5 job, but when I get home from work I'm honestly just so exhausted.

I'm Taking a Break...
I'm Taking a Break...
I'm Taking a Break...
I'm Taking a Break...
I'm Taking a Break...
I'm Taking a Break...

As I head into this new chapter of my life I want to take a breather and step back from blogging—but just for a little bit. I'll be posting on Instagram and TikTok still, but I just want to really come back to this creative space with a bang! I may be gone a month.. I may be gone just a few days.. who knows. But I do know that I have an amazing audience to come back to.

So thank you for allowing me to take this little mental break and get ready because there will be some pretty big announcements coming up soon! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @michelekatsaris and on TikTok @micheleonelblog for more every day content and I'll talk to you soon šŸ„°.

xoxo, Michele

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