Gift Guide for The Boujee Dog Parent

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Gift Guide for The Boujee Dog Parent

Celebrating Christmas with my dog Oliver has always been one of my favorite things to do. He wears a Christmas sweater, gets to open all his presents (no seriously—he opens them himself πŸ˜…) and he gets to taste test all the new treats he gets. He even has his own stocking that we will with goodies 😍. 

So shopping for my dog has easily become one of my favorite activities. And since I'm a boujee dog mom I knew exactly what the other boujee dog parents would want to add to their Christmas lists 😎.

Snuffle Mats are the perfect gift for anyone with a dog. These mats are a great way to not only feed your dog but also give them mental stimulation. These mats are a must-have for anyone looking to up their dog's enrichment activities. I love this one specifically—look at all the details!

Fur Zappers and Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolvers are for dog parents who always have dog hair on their clothes. This helps eliminate pet hair in the laundry cycle and keep your clothes pet-hair-free. As a bonus, you could also add some lint rollers like these reusable ones in their stockings!

Elevated Acrylic Food & Water Bowl Sets are perfect for dog parents who also like to have a put-together home. I personally love the Holographic Pet Glass Bowl Feeder!

OUAI Fur BΓ©bΓ© Pet Shampoo is the perfect gift for the girlies who use Ouai themselves πŸ’πŸΌ‍♀️. You can put together a whole grooming kit along with a pet bath and shampoo dispenser, a nail grinder and some luxury pet perfume.

Pawprint Frames are seriously the cutest things ever. It's a fun activity to do with your dog, a great home decor piece, and a cherished memory that will forever be in your home. Highly recommend getting this for anyone in your life who has a pet they care deeply about.

Designer Pet Accessories are perfect for boujee dog parents and boujee dogs. Like imagine me walking Oliver with a Tiffany and Co. Leash 😍!

Poop Bag Holder for all the dog parents that can't be bothered to hold their dog's poop. I mean...gross. There's a little gadget for that under $10 which are perfect for stocking stuffers.

Furbo 360 is the ultimate boujee dog parent gift. This high-tech camera allows you to dispense treats to your pup while you're checking in on them throughout the day. PS- Oliver reallllyyy want one of these 😘.

xoxo, Michele

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