Home Decor Trends I’m Loving

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Home Decor Trends I’m Loving

Now that I'm a homeowner (still so weird to say out loud) I wanted to share some of the latest home decor trends that I have been loving. Of course, this isn't going to be our forever home so I'm not going to be purchasing anything or decorating this way (well—maybe a little we'll see 😉). Anyways, here are some trends, vibes, and pieces I've found that I really like!

Wallpaper // There are so many funky and unique wallpapers out there that I am obsessed with. I really love the ones that Rachel Martino from Dream Loft Studios used (especially the NYC coffee cups one 😍). Wallpaper is just such a great way to add personality to your space without damaging your walls.

Rainbow // This one may sound odd. Like a rainbow what? I don’t mean bright colored curves everywhere, I mean adding a little bit of color to the room. Adelaine Morin has these various shades of pink dining room chairs that add such a pop to her home. I have started collecting various colored pyrex and glassware for my own dream kitchen one day. Just a simple variety of colors and shades can add such a welcoming touch to a space.

Cozy Corners // I love a cute little cozy corner. If you can have a comfy chair, soft blankets, and a zen area by the window in your home it creates such a relaxing little corner of your home. I’ve even seen spaces add a hammock to those “cozy corners” and I love it! Check out this little area done by Melissa Frusco is a great example!

Lights // I’m not over neon lights, but even if you are, there are still nice ways to add some light to your space. Custom neon lights are great because their personalized, but other ways to add light variation to your home can include a Himalayan Salt Lamp (love the night light version for bathrooms), light strips behind the television or under the bed, lava lamps for the 90s kids (LOVE mine) and/or skylights (imagine taking a bath using a skylight—so relaxing). Plus there are so many unique lamps that can really add some personality to your home.

Dog Rooms // If I ever have the space, I am creating a room or area just for Oliver 😍. This one is pretty self-explanatory but for a golden example, you must find Teddy on TikTok!

Any home decor trends you’re loving? Comment down below!

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