Last Minute Gifts to Get From Amazon

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Last Minute Gifts to Get From Amazon

Raise your hand if you poorly planned for Christmas this year πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️. I have a good reason though—I just moved to a whole different state and everything is in boxes and how is it already December!?  πŸ˜… 

Regardless, I will definitely be needing to find some last-minute gifts and the best place I know to do that is Amazon! I'll have all of these as well as the rest of the gift guides linked on my Amazon Storefront: Click here to view the storefront.

A Rainfall Showerhead would be the perfect gift for well...anyone. They're easy to install, renter-friendly, and can really elevate someone's self-care routine. This is the perfect gift for secret Santa, for mom and dad, for the bestie, or for your bae. And the price starts at as low as $30!

A Tabletop Mini Fire Place is such an aesthetically pleasing thing to put in your home. Whether you put it outside or inside, it looks so chic and is such a statement piece. Highly suggest getting one of these if you need a last-minute gift!

A Mini Le Creuset Cocotte will give you all the boujee vibes without hurting your wallet. Because these small but mighty cookware dishes are only $18! Buy one in every color!

Thanks to TikTok I realize I need a Dash Cam for my car. This gift is under $50 and you can easily give this out for Secret Santa, office parties, or for basically any car-lover in your life.

Custom Pajamas are a great gift idea! Not only are they practical but you can get custom ones with their pet's faces on them for an extra boost of serotonin. And you know it's something they'd never buy for themselves so it will be one of a kind!

Any type of kitchen item is a great gift! I love some of these unique items such as rainbow-colored wine glasses, checkered cutting board, defrosting traycoupe glasses, or a mug warmer.

An Ice Machine would be such a fun gift! Especially if you have a friend who always has to have ice in their drink (aka: me!) then they will love this gift. I actually got this gift for my dad and I can't wait to test it out! Prices vary so do your research to pick the best option.

 xoxo, Michele

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