3 Personality Traits That I’m Proud Of

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3 Personality Traits That I’m Proud Of

A couple years ago for my birthday, I wrote this blog post: 27 Things I Like About Myself and it had some bittersweet responses. Sweet because it’s one of my most popular blog posts SEO-wise! Bitter because that means people are Googling the phrase “things I like about myself” and my post is what they’re finding. It makes me sad that people don’t know what they don’t like about themselves, but I hope that my blog post gave me solace and reassurance that it’s okay to love things about yourself because everyone is different and unique and deserves to have self-love and confidence ❤️️.

3 Personality Traits That I’m Proud Of3 Personality Traits That I’m Proud Of

Going off of that trend, I wanted to recap three personality traits that I’m proud of. Maybe to some people, these traits are annoying, but I don’t care. These personality traits have made me the person I am today and for that—I’m proud of them.

  1. Resilience
    My mom told me that I was resilient once and I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but after she explained it to me I was almost in tears. I never knew there was a word for someone who truly never gives up, keeps moving forward, and adapts to new situations quickly. Since my mom said this to me, I’ve never let it go and I’m really proud that I’m a very resilient person.

  1. Bold
    I had to research which word to use here and I think bold is the best one. I’m not someone who gets embarrassed easily, I tend to laugh at myself before others do. But I’m also outgoing and will talk to anyone. In fact, I will be the one in the friend group who walks up to someone and introduces myself, I’ll hand out my resume to the VPs and CEOs, and I’ll go up to people to ask to take a photo at a concert or event. I’m bold. I have no shame and this is again because of my parents who taught me, “What’s the worse they can say—no?” That’s a life motto of mine now. You’ll never know the answer or get what you want if you don’t go looking or asking for it. I am very proud to be bold and owe that personality trait a lot since it got me to where I am today.

  1. Funny
    I come from a funny family—especially my dad. I think he instilled the humor bone in my brother and I because we are always making people laugh. I love it! I love putting a smile on someone’s face untintenially. And most of the time, it is completely unintentional šŸ˜‚. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and will make comments that catch people off guard or make them burst out laughing because they weren’t expecting me to say that. I love it and I love sharing jokes and my sense of humor with others.

Now I want everyone else to do the same thing! Write down three personality traits that you like about yourself because you should practice self-love and be proud of the person you are ❤️️!

 xoxo, Michele

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