Gift Guide for the Twihards

Forks, WA 98331, USA
Gift Guide for the Twihard

Come on you guys. You didn't think I would visit Forks, WA this year and not have a Twilight-themed gift guide, did you? We all know I was obsessed with my trip to Forks this summer. Like literally could not stop posting about it 😍. And that trip came out of love for the Twilight Saga of course. If you have someone in your life who loves the Twilight Saga as much as I do then keep reading for the ultimate Twihard gift guide!

These Movie Inspired Keychains popped off on TikTok! I received so many comments asking where these keychains are from and they are from Pretty Candy Pin Co. Brittany has so many Twilight-inspired products for you to choose from I had to restrain myself from just getting the keychains.

Of course, you need to check out Etsy for some Twilight-inspired items. You seriously just have to type in "Twilight" and thousands of products will appear, but some of my favorites are this Charlie Swan Vintage-Inspired T-Shirt, Autograph Reprints on Scripts, Twilight "Guess Who" Game, and "Where the hell have you been loca?" Shirt.

With the resurgence of popularity for these films, Hot Topic brought back some of their OG merch. Let's be real–if your friend likes Twilight get them anything...ANYTHING from the Hot Topic line.

Similar to the Pokémon gift guide–I always suggest going vintage. If you can dig up any "vintage" or original merchandise released around the time of the Twilight era then go that route. Always check eBay to start because I found some unique items such as the Eclipse Band-Aid Pack, New Moon Valentine's Candy, New Moon Burger King Promotion Pack, The Twilight Saga Movie T-Shirts, The Twilight Saga Trading Cards, The Twilight Saga Lunchboxes, and The Twilight Saga Movie Blankets. I purchased a couple of these items in Forks, WA during my trip and I absolutely love them. 

The Twilight Saga White Collection is something that every Twihard dreams about.

Stella Candle Co. creates candles and wax melts inspired by The Twilight Saga. To say I want one of everything would be an understatement.

Because this saga is over a decade old you could actually thrift a lot of the books, movies, and board games. I see these items at thrift stores all the time. You could put together a cute Twilight-themed basket together with any and all Twilight things you see while thrifting!

This last gift idea is a total suggestion. But if you can and/or want to...plan a trip to Forks, WA. Make it a gift for yourself too (if you're a Twihard also)! Plan a trip for you and your Twi-bestie to visit Forks sometime—you won't regret it. My trip was seriously incredible and it wasn't just because of the Twilight of it all. Washington is such a beautiful state and I absolutely fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Read more about my trip to Forks by clicking the link here: My Trip to Forks, WA.

 xoxo, Michele

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