Stocking Stuffers That Actually Go In A Stocking

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Stocking Stuffers That Actually Go In A Stocking

Is it just me or are these gift guides getting a little out of control? I've seen some gift guides on social media and other blogs where these items are categorized as "stocking stuffers" and it will include a $500 curling iron, a new office chair and a book that weighs ten pounds. These items don't go in a stocking. In fact, most of the time no items over $50 should go in a stocking. And don't forget—stockings go on the wall. Items that are too heavy will weigh the stocking down and it will inevitably fall to the ground. 

That's why today I'm not only sharing my favorite gift guide I do every year, but I'm making sure that these stocking stuffers actually go into a—you know—a stocking!

Travel Beauty Items are such an easy stocking stuffer. You can buy a little beauty travel kit and split up the travel-sized products into multiple stockings or put them all in one. I bet you could even go to places like Ulta and Sephora and get samples of a lot of products! I love mini perfumes and the samples they give out at department and beauty stores I always use those for my purse!

Gift Cards are a great stocking stuffer! They're small, lightweight and yet hold great value 😉.

Lottery Tickets are something my dad puts in our stockings each year. It's always so much fun to scratch them off and more often than not you'll win a couple bucks here and there.

Lip Products such as a fun-colored lip gloss or a new flavor of chapstick make for great stocking stuffers. And if you want to go boujee with you try the Summer Fridays Lip Balm or the Lineage Lip Sleep Mask. 

Things That Smell Good are always a great gift. But the best part is, unless it's a candle, a lot of these items could easily fit into a stocking. Things like car air fresheners, essential oils, or even wax melts are great stocking stuffers.

Collectors Cards of any kind makes a great stocking stuffer. Whether someone actually collects cards like Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh Cards (aka: me and my brother) or it's just a fun nostalgia item like these Dragon Ball Z packs or Twilight Movie Cards—it's just a small cute item to add!

Hair Products are perfect stocking stuffers. Things like hair clips, hair oils, and even hair brushes are all affordable and fit in a stocking perfectly!

Obviously, any kind of Candy is a great stocking stuffer. You can even get some unique ones from online candy stores or fun stores like 5 Below–but if the person you're shopping for has a pet you can even add some pet treats inside! Trust me—all pet parents love a gift for their fur baby.

Honestly, this list could go on and on. But all you really need to keep in mind is that SMALL items go in a stocking. Not these large and expensive items that are trending as "stocking stuffers" for some reason 😂. What are some of there good stocking stuffers? Comment down below ❤️.

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