Apps I Use To Get Cash Back

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Apps I Use To Get Cash Back

Nowadays, there are so many apps and websites that offer cash back and discounts, it's almost hard to keep up and know which ones are the best. Though I'm sure all of these websites and apps have pros to them, they can be very time consuming, kind of like couponing, I give props to people who can keep up with it, but I am not one of those people. If I'm going to partake in a cash back situation it needs to be easy and efficient. I gravitate towards brands where it takes less than a couple minutes to submit a purchase and bam, you get your rewards almost instantly. I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to getting a little bit more cash on the side that won't take up your time.

Apps I Use To Get Cash Back

Get Upside // I've talked about Get Upside before, but I fully support this app. All you do is download the app, make an account and upload receipts. Anytime you're getting gas, groceries and food you can "claim" a location, upload your receipt and you'll get an email in a couple days letting you know how much cash you got back. You can even open the app to view what stores/gas stations are around that accept Get Upside and even how much you should expect to get back. You do only have 4 hours to upload the receipt, so if you got gas at 9 a.m., you can't upload the receipt at 9 p.m. I normally open the app when I'm at a gas station, see if the gas station I'm at is available (sometimes it's not, but that's okay) hit claim and upload my receipt as soon as I get it. It doesn't take more than a minute or two and I don't have to chase after the deal. Like I said, you can check the app first before you get gas or groceries, but I only check it when I'm at my preferred location and if it's accepted, great, and if not, okay. Do note that they are still growing and different stores are being added on everyday and just because the Exxon gas station at the end of the street is available, doesn't mean every Exxon will be. Of course I have a bonus code to share with you all today, if you click this link here and use the code UBTUE to get an additional .20 cents back!

Honey // This isn't a "cash back" app, but it is another easy to use tool to get discounts. You install Honey on your Internet browser and whenever you're shopping, right before you check out, click the Honey icon and see if you get any discounts! That's it! Honey will automatically apply the coupon to your browser and it takes less than two minutes for them to go through all the coupons. I've saved money on Amazon, Panera Bread, and Forever 21. Plus, if you click the link here, sign up and get $5 on your first qualifying purchase.

Amazon Reviews // We ALL shop on Amazon, which means more often than not you've probably seen a little box that says, "Want a coupon for your next purchase?" START. CHECKING. THAT. BOX. I want to slap myself at the fact that I was just brushing this off this entire time. I don't know what made me check it this time, but I did it and a few days after my purchase I got an email saying to leave a review for this specific product and I'll get $3 credited to my Amazon account. So, I did it and it took less than 5 minutes and now I have $3 credited to my Amazon account. Like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? From now on anytime you see this "Want a coupon for your next purchase?" Click it, click it, click it, click it!!!

Ibotta // I'm still getting the hang of this app and if you have any tips for it please let me know, but you can use the app to see what "cash back deals" they have going on with their partner companies, but you can also see if there are some rewards that you can claim. For instance, just the other day any grocery store was giving .50 cents cash back on any receipt. Then another reward was if you bought milk (again from any store) you got .25 cents back, and you can just upload your receipts and get cash back to your account. Because I'm still messing around with this app, I don't know if I'm going to be consistent when it comes to checking the "deals of the day," but maybe if I happen to go to a store, I'll check to see if any of these apply. If you have used Ibotta before let me know what you think of it. You can also click this link here and get a start-up bonus when you use the code pofwjab. (**UPDATE: I've used this a few times, but I know myself and knew I wouldn't check the "daily deals," if you're better at constantly checking the app, this may better for you, but I don't use it as much.)

Drop // I heard about this app on one of my favorite podcast and I downloaded it instantly. You link your most used stores, your bank account and it automatically gives you points for your purchases! You don't need to open the app and "redeem" anything, you just let it work its magic in the background. You do need to add the stores that you shop at most frequently in order for it capture data though. For instance, if you order Postmates but it isn't "added" to your Drop app, it won't capture the data from your account. Another thing is, some of the deals you have to shop through the app, so if you know that you want to book a hotel on make sure you do it through the app to get points!! Check the app every few days and see where you're at. So far it seems every 5,000 points = $5 and you can exchange those points for gift cards to Starbucks, Target, Amazon... it's unlimited. Click the link here and use the code 1xw3a for a $5 bonus!

Receipt Hog // Another app that I heard about on the radio and after I played with it for a few weeks, I must say it's probably one of the better apps out there. All you have to do is upload receipts. That's it. It will translate how many "coins" you get from a receipt and when you hit 1,000 coins you can get a $5 gift card. I know that may sound like a lot, but think of how many times you get gas or go to get food? Might as well upload those receipts to get something out of it. Receipt Hog only takes receipts within a two-week time frame, so anything from last month won't count. They have a few other features like surveys and slots where you can get more "coins," but the uploading of receipts is the most efficient one. I say keep all your receipts from the week and then upload every Friday. If you stay consistent your "coins" will stack up quicker. (**UPDATE: I've been using this app for only two days and I have over 300 coins.)

Dosh // My co-worker actually told me about this app and it's very similar to Drop where it connects your card and gives you cash in the background. With Dosh you get cash directly deposited, not coins that translate to dollars later on. Besides, might as well get cash back from two apps versus one. You connect your card (must be a credit card, Dosh won't process anything that is ran as debit) and upload receipts to get cash back for select retailers, including Sephora, Forever 21 and Tarte Cosmetics. Click the link here and use the code MICHELK196 for a $5 bonus!

Ebates // This one is talked about a lot and I decided to install the widget on my laptop. It will alert you (sort of like Honey) when you're on a website that gives cash back, click the "Activate Now" the page will literally refresh and when you checkout you get cash back. Now, I don't like that it comes up when I' m in the middle of my shopping so it's like ok I need to save what I'm doing (like remember the item I'm looking at) not have a million tabs open and hit the activate now button, but it's worth the two second hassle for some cash back. I had used it a couple times and didn't really know if it was "working" because I wasn't getting any notifications about cash back, that was until Omar purchased something off of Dick's Sporting Goods and a few days later I got an e-mail saying I had over $12 in cash back.. just from that ONE purchase. To say the least, I'll be using Ebates more often! Click the link here to sign up for Ebates and get a $10 bonus on your first purchase of $25+.

Poshmark // This isn't a cash back/discount ad, it's just another way to earn some extra cash. I use Poshmark to sell clothes and other, but good quality, items. Since I go through clothes so often I might as well make some money back from them. Follow me on Poshmark and check out what I currently have for sale! If you mention this blog post I'll give you 10% off!!!

If you ever need a discount code, make sure to check out my SHOP page to see if I can hook you up with one! Let me know if you've tried these apps and websites before or if there's any that you recommend.

xoxo, Michele


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