June Favorites

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June Favorites
We're almost there you guys. 4th of July weekend is right around the corner and I am PUMPED. But, also how is it almost July!!?? I swear my birthday was like last weekend. Well, I have a lot of stuff planned for July, but you'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, here are my current favorites from the month of July.

The Bold Type // I totally forgot how awesome this show is. I just finished season 3 on Hulu and now I'm anxiously waiting for season 4. Sutton is my fave and I can't see what she does in this upcoming season.

Poshmark // I've always loved to shop on Poshmark, but I just recently started to sell items on there and it's freaking awesome. Mention the promo code "FELINE" for 10% your order!

Amazon Subscribe & Save // Something I always knew existed, but never took advantage of. I order a ton of home products like toilet paper, dog food, etc. Thing's I'm constantly buying and restocking on and now it'll automatically be delivered every 6 months and because it's a subscription essentially I got a discounted price!

Polaroid Pictures // If you saw my Updates to the Apartment Blog post (view that blog post by clicking the link here) then you know I got a bigger picture frame to fill with more polaroids to hang over the couch. I love this piece in my apartment and I love that's a never ending, never changing piece. Which means I got a lot of polaroid pictures the past couple months and adding new memories to the collection makes me very, very happy.

My Hair // This one sounds but I recently had my hair dyed bleach blonde which I haven't done in years! My friend, Jose Garcia, is a hair stylist in Northern Virginia and he hooked it up! My hair looks amazing and one product that I've been loving to keep my hair in great condition is the Silk18 Conditioner. Of course I use purple shampoo to keep my hair blonde, but I feel like sometimes the purple conditioner, though it's great for color, doesn't really "condition" my hair. I've been used just a dab (because seriously that's all you need) of the Silk18 Conditioner and it's helped to keep my hair soft and shiny. To book a hair appointment with Jose, message him on Instagram by clicking the link here!

High-Waisted Bathing Suits // Sort of a "maybe/maybe not" purchase, but I did it and I am loving it. I got a lot of compliments when I wore this bathing suit on Memorial Day and I'm very happy with my purchase. I want to get this more cheeky, but still high-waisted, bathing suit off of Amazon. Maybe it'll be part of my July Amazon Purchases, stay tuned!

The Lady Gang Podcast // I've always followed The Lady Gang, but I never really listened to The Lady Gang. I was never a big podcast gal, but lately I have been. It started with The Gals On The Go Podcast and now I have 5-6 I can't stop listening too. The Lady Gang is my recent fave and I've been binge listening (is that a thing?) to all of the episodes. Highly recommend.

Next Level Basic by Stassi Schroder // I picked up this book just the other day and I'm already almost finished with it. It has such a good message behind Stassi's witty personality and it's been very inspiring.

Eye Buy Direct // I was in dire need of new glasses, but wow glasses are expensive. You're making me pay so I can see? How does that make any sense? An old co-worker told me about EyeBuyDirect.com and now I swear by it. I've told so many friends, family and co-workers where I got my glasses and now I'm telling you! Head over to EyeBuyDirect.com and get some affordable and stylish glasses for way less! I got the SPOKEN (BLUE) and PORTRAIT (WHITE) Frames.

Elle Home NYC Blanket // I found this blanket at TJ Maxx and I swear it was made just for me. It's a New York print all over this plush white blanket. It's been my go-to blanket for the past month and I am absolutely in love with it.

Black Mirror // I'm so late on this show, but wow. This is the must-watch show of the month. So far my favorite season is definitely season 5, episodes "Striking Vipers" and "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too." Go watch now!

June Favorites
June Favorites

xoxo, Michele


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