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Links I Love

Wow it's been a busy past couple of weeks. Every week this month I have had plans that take up the whole weekend, but hey I'm honestly not complaining. Part of my job is to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest news and through that I find some really fun reads. Here's some links I love!

Darren Criss was the star of a Taco Bell commercial and it was everything I didn't know I needed.

Avengers is coming back to theaters. You read that sentence correctly. Avengers is being re-released in theaters for a limited time with NEW footage. If you think I'm going to pay to sit through another three hours with anxiety knowing how this movie ends just to see an additional three minutes of this movie you are absolutely right.

ASHLEY O IS ON SPOTIFY. I had originally tweeted this and then the Ashley O hit "On A Roll," from the Black Mirror episode was released. So, you're welcome world.

This tweet exposed me, it's just a great lol.

Taco Bell has officially been proclaimed the healthiest fast food chain!!!

When I do have my own house one day (if I choose to never not live in apartment, because I am so pro-renting), but if I do, I need a dog shower 10000000000%!

Going off that whole "house thing" I think this is a really, really cool idea. Amazon is the best.

I tagged my boyfriend in this on Facebook, because I NEED this jacket with Oliver's face on it, let's be honest.

Two words: MARVEL LAND. BAM! You already know this Disney girl is hella excited for this attraction coming to a Disney park near you!

If you guys saw this post then you know my best friend, Gabe and I snuck our way into the Marshmello meet and greet and it was so worth it. We were even in Marshmello's Instagram photo from Pride that day. Spot my purple shirt in the front row, left side!!

The Beaches Twitter account makes me lol so harrrrd. This tweet is something I 100% agree with!

Blair Waldorf is my spirit animal. I may have shared this link already, but you can never have enough Blair.

The Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello collab we were all waiting for. This music video is everything and more.

Ending this post with a Taco Bell link because .. duh. You can get married at TB for only $600 and if that's not what dreams are made of I don't know what is.

xoxo, Michele


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