Travel Mood Board

Washington, DC, USA
Travel Mood Board

Whenever I have a big trip coming up I love to create a mood board on Pinterest. Whether it's an outfit idea, or a post about the city I'm visiting, or an item I want to buy before the trip it all goes into this neatly organized Pinterest board. Since I blog about all of my trips, I want to make sure that I have something to blog about ahead of time. My Pinterest board normally has a lot to do with fashion, but I still love to put it all together and create a "vibe" or a "mood" for the upcoming trip.

Since Omar now knows about our upcoming California trip, I made my Cali trip mood board public for you all to see, but I always delete them and start over for new trips, so check it out while you still can! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest for more traveling inspiration.

How do you plan for an upcoming trip?

xoxo, Michele


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