December Favorites

Washington, DC, USA
December Favorites

I can't believe December is over! I know people say this all the time, but this year literally flew by. I remember earlier this year moving into our new apartment and now we're taking down the Christmas tree! It's just crazy. I have tons of new favorite items that I have gravitated towards this month and I'm sharing them with you today!

1. This item was something that I was not about at first. My best friend, Maria and I were shopping and she shoved this into my hands for me to try on. Looking at it I honestly thought she was crazy, but I tried it on regardless. This black velvet jumpsuit from the Wild Fable line at Target fit me like a glove. I was shocked at how much I loved this piece and I have worn it a few times already this month and it looks better and better each time I wear it. So thankkkk youuu Maria!

2. I'm such a little old lady, but the Conair Moist Heating Pad that Omar got me for Christmas has been an essential item for me the past few days. I've used it every day since I opened this present and I have no ragrets. It's so different from a typical heating pad because it comes with this velcro strap so it locks in place where you need it to AND it has this absorbent pad that goes inside of it so instead of it just being heat, it's almost like a mini sauna on your back. It's pretty freaking cool and I love that he got me this for Christmas!

3. Another Christmas gift of mine that has become an instant favorite is the Michael Kors Puffer Jacket that my parents got me for Christmas. It's actually the best winter coat ever. It's long enough to where it isn't tight around my waist, it's puffy enough to be warm but not too puffy to where I feel like a marshmallow and it has this extra layer of fabric around the next so it's not making me feel claustrophobic. It's literal perfection and I'm actually happy I live in Virginia where winter is going to last another few months and I get to wear my jacket!

4. We have had a lot of game nights at the apartment lately and the number one game that has been played has been Monopoly. This classic game has (pun intended) become a monopoly of it's own. This was the gift that kept on giving this Christmas because I got Disney Monopoly, Omar got Game of Thrones Monopoly and Gabe got Deadpool and Cheater's edition of Monopoly. Now we have six different versions of Monopoly to choose from when we have game nights.

5. I recently dyed my hair this past month and I honestly love it! I've dyed my hair before, but I've never gone this blonde before. It took a while to get there, but once it did, I really liked it. I used this hair kit and then I have the Shiny Silver Silver Shampoo and Conditioner to tone it and it's turned out sooo nicely.

6. Last but not least, my favorite songs and television shows! My favorite songs have been thank u, next by Ariana Grande and High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco. My favorite television shows are Vanderpump Rules and 90 Day Fiancé.

What are your favorites for the month of December?

xoxo, Michele


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