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Links I Love

Happy holiday season everyone! I have been crazy busy with decorating the house, Christmas shopping, hanging out with friends and family and our soccer team made it to the semi-finals! It's definitely been a whirl wind of the last few weeks, but that doesn't stop me from finding some fun reads online. Here's another round of Links I Love.

I randomly came across an old school project I did for a marketing class in college. This was my favorite project ever because I literally got to blog for the class. Plus, the theme of my blog was my sweet, little Lumpy. Seriously, looking at these pictures makes my heart melt.

Thank U, Next. Do we even need to go into details about this music video? It was a masterpiece. Plus, some of the tweets I saw about the music video were hilarious.

Speaking of Twitter, I came across this video the other night and I'm in tears. I swear dogs really try to talk to us.. I'm not crazy.

Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules also announced that she wrote a book. Add this to my wish list immediately.

Universal Studios in Orlando, FL has announced that a Nitendoworld is coming!! I am SOOOO excited for this. Obviously the Super Mario part is awesome, but there's so much more to it. I honestly can't wait for mine and Omar's next Orlando trip. Between Nitendoworld and Star Wars Resort we're going to be in paradise.

Taco Bell has released some dope clothes this season. My only problem is.. I don't know where to find it. Leave a comment down below if you know where to buy these TB masterpieces.

I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for Christmas! Stay tuned for some gift guides!!

xoxo, Michele


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