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Links I Love

I hope everyone's having a fantastic winter break! The holidays are always so much fun and you're normally too busy to be on your phone. Or you're trying to avoid questions at the dinner table from family members, so you're always on your phone. Either way, if you need a moment to catch up then I have some fun links to check out today!

The time has come... FRIENDS MONOPOLY IS A THING!! Is it too late to add something to my Christmas list?

This hedgehog video swept the Internet and if you need a good pull at your heart string than watch this video. Seriously, hedgies need love too guys!

Honestly, It's about time an Olsen movie came to Netflix.. we just need the rest of them to be added and I can stop investing in the DVD's.

Maine Coon Cats are so breathtakingly gorgeous. I am always stunned by how big they get. This women took some pictures of her cat modeling and I am all for it.

The new Avengers trailer has been released and as a marketing major.. wow, they nailed it. Need to remember why Marvel is the best? Watch the trailer here.

These tweets had me cracking up. Adulthood sucks! Especially in the middle of this awkward stage when you still want to be young and have fun, but at the same time you have bills to pay. If you can relate check out this article.

This dancer & dogs combo is simply wonderful. WE DON'T DESERVE DOGS!!!

When I saw this video on Facebook I had to re-watch it a million times. This man is a genius and I'm so happy this exist. 

How can anyone not love a husky? Watch this video and tell me they aren't the best! Seriously.. I want 12.

xoxo, Michele


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