Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking Stuffers
Who doesn't love a good stocking stuffer? In our family, stockings are saved for last and they are always the most fun to go through. My dad is the KING of stockings and always puts the funniest things in there like lottery tickets or special types of candy. It's also a great place to throw in a gift card. There are so many fun stocking stuffers out there and I wanted to share some of my favorites today.

Travel Sized Beauty Products // These are great stocking stuffers! Plus they come in handy for the traveler in your family. Ulta not only has some great selections, but they have cute packaging as well. Little gift sets that fit perfectly in the stocking!

Socks // Seriously, people take socks for Christmas for granted. I get my yearly supplies of socks for Christmas. There are so many different routes you can go with this too.. fuzzy, thigh-high, low-cut or even Christmas themed socks!!

Sleep Essentials // These are things people never realize they need until they get one as a gift. Sleep mask, pillow spray, restful night gummies and any other sleep essential item you think they need, they probably need it.

Monogrammed Items // You can put a monogram on anything, but smaller items that are monogrammed make for a great stocking piece. Key chains, bracelets, necklaces.. all small, personal and make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Scrunchies // This is so random, but they are so in style right now! Scrunchies are back baby and I am here for it. All of our favorite brands have their own scrunchie style and these make GREAT stocking stuffers or add-on gifts for friends.

What are some other great stocking stuffer ideas? Let me know by commenting down below.

xoxo, Michele


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