Last Minute Gifts

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Last Minute Gifts
Don't you hate when you feel like just one little thing is missing for someone and you need a last minute gift. It's not too late to pick up a last minute gift for someone (especially with Amazon Prime). I've listed a ton of great last minute gifts or even great stocking suffers if needed down below today!

Cozy Kit // You can either get everything on this list or just one thing, regardless all of these items make a great last minute gift. Cozy blanket, a pair of slippers, or fuzzy socks. They add just the right touch of comfort!

Electronics // Extra long chargers, portable chargers, headphones and even pop sockets all make a great last minute add-on for presents. Don't forget Amazon Alexa and an Amazon Fire TV Stick. They also make great stocking stuffers too!

Travel Beauty Products // This may seem odd, especially if a trip isn't coming up yet, but these mini or travel-sized beauty products come in handy when the time comes. Or even if it's a sample size product it can introduce your friends to new products. Sephora and Ulta always have the best pre-made package that you can throw in right before the gift exchange.

Subscription Boxes // I also added this to the gifts for your significant other list, but these are the gifts that keep on giving. Plus, it's something you can literally add on Christmas Day because they won't start getting the gifts until next month anyways. There's so many to check out and ways to personalize them for your friend.

Sports Gear // If you're a fan of a local team than this one is easy! Head to Target, Wal-Mart of even the Washington Redskins store (had to throw in a plug for my skins) and grab a t-shirt or jersey. These gifts never go out of style, especially for a Redskins fan, HTTR!

xoxo, Michele


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