10 Useful Apps For Travel

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10 Useful Apps For Travel

Whenever I'm planning a trip the first thing I do is pull up certain apps. It helps to compare different prices, flight times and even what the prices of car rides will be like in the area. I am a huge planner, but when it comes to travel plans I don't take risks. If you're a planner like me, or even if you're not and you're just planning a trip soon, I highly, highly suggest downloading these apps right away.

10 Useful Apps For Travel

  1. Turo // If you're under 25 (or even if you're over 25) renting a car can be kind of pricey. Turo is the AirBnb of renting a car. Rent someone else's car for more affordable options.
  2. TripIt // The planner of your group will love this app. The perfect place to put in everyone's flight information, itinerary, reservations, etc. all in one place and easy to share with everyone.
  3. Cashback Apps // You should be using the credit cards that are going to get you points for your flights, but there are other apps that can help you get some cash back for your expenses on your trip. Receipt Hog, Dosh (click the link here and use the code MICHELK196 for a $5 bonus) and Get Upside (use the code UBTUE to get an additional .20 cents back) are reliable apps that help you get cash back without the stress.
  4. Google Translate // An easy download especially if you're traveling to a country where you don't speak the language.
  5. AirBnB // I feel like I don't need to explain AirBnB, if you know, you know. Use my link (click here) to get $40 off your first trip.
  6. Google Maps // Google Maps is the crem de la crem of maps. It'll help you get around the city the best way.
  7. Hopper // If you're starting early and don't need to buy flights right away then you should keep an eye on the Hopper app. Hopper will alert you when the flights you're looking are at their lowest points.
  8. Mobile Passport // Make international travel so much easier and keep your passport information stored on your phone, just incase anything happens to your actual passport.
  9. Uber // Another app I shouldn't have to explain, use my link (click here) and use my code michelek761ue to get a free ride!
  10. Money Conversion App // Another out of the country app you should download, I think the most downloaded one on the App Store is XE Currency but anything to help you know how much you're paying is something you'll need when traveling internationally. 
xoxo, Michele

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