January Recap

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January Recap

So far this month I have been working towards my 2020 goals that I want to accomplish. I hope to keep this momentum up throughout February too, but even though I feel like I've been super busy, I also feel like I could do more. Is that odd? January was a good month and a good start to 2020, I'm ready to see where the rest of the year takes us.

January Recap
January Recap
January Recap
January Recap
January Recap
January RecapJanuary Recap

Highs & Lows
Highs: I can't believe I get to admit this, but I paid off a huge part of debt that I had. My car loan!! Honestly, it just felt amazing to pay it off and now the money I'm not wasting on my car can be put towards other bills, yay adulting.

Lows: I love this moment. When I can't easily think of a low of the month. Sure I had them, sure I had tough times and stressful moment throughout the month, but there isn't one thing that sticks out to me to ruin my month. And I'm totally okay with that.

Links I Love
Disney Floral Arrangements // Disney has launched yet another collaboration that I want to spend all of my money on. These floral arrangements based off your favorite Disney characters are the perfect Valentine's Day gifts.

Facebook Memes // How do people come up with this stuff? Seriously, I have been saving some good ones the past few weeks and most of them are adult related, but they're too good not to share. Like this one about the weather, this one about Gusher's, this one about Junie B. Jones, this one about taking a trip, this one of a puppy at the vet, I sent this one to my mom, and of course a Baby Yoda one.

Build-A-Bear x Baby Yoda // Speaking of Baby Yoda.. Build-A-Bear will be launching a Baby Yoda plush soon and suddenly I'm ten years old again wanting to spend $70+ on a stuffed animal.

Jubilee the Husky // I, like the rest of the world, was following along Jubilee the Husky's story. The breeder got rid of this sweet angel because she "looks weird." And the Internet went viral. Honestly if I could have I would have snatched her right up! Luckily, Jubilee found a good home and my heart is so happy.

Joe Goldberg As A Sim // You read that correctly. Someone created the whole "You" cast as Sims and it is everything.

Camila Cabello Grammy Performance // I love Camila Cabello, her voice is just insane. She performed this song "First Man" at the Grammy's at the end of January and I must admit even I choked up a bit.

Wake-Up Alarm Light // I received this as a Christmas gift and it has been a staple in my nighttime routine since. I didn't realize that I loved white noise so much, but it has helped Omar and I fall asleep so much faster. Highly recommend this product.

Rose Quartz Face Roller // Another Christmas gift and something I can't stop using. We leave it in the freezer and use it in the mornings and night or honestly just whenever we need a little de-puffing.

Journaling // Wow, I did not realize how much this would impact my life. Who knew I needed a creative outlet from a creative outlet. It's a combination of getting out what I feel and scrapbooking. I even made a collaged vision board for 2020. I can't suggest this enough. Here is the journal, marker set and alphabet stamps that I use.

Vanderpump Rules // One of my favorite reality tv shows is back and better than ever. Seriously, start at season one and work your way up, you won't regret it. Also, Stassi is freaking killing it this season, I'm so inspired by her.

The Sims 4 // Okay.. did I just time travel back to when I was 13 years old? The Sims is my all time favorite computer game and they recently had a sale where the game was only $8 so I just had to treat myself. What's better than perfecting your own life when you can just MOTHERLODE a fake one? #IYKYK


xoxo, Michele

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