December Recap

Washington, DC, USA
December Recap

I was so busy with Christmas that I honestly didn't pay attention to much going on this month. I keep thinking of these favorites that I have, but a lot of my favorites from this month are the same as last month (like Baby Yoda). I also didn't do much shopping because all the shopping I did do was for Christmas!

December Recap
December Recap

Highs & Lows
Highs: Christmas is my favorite holiday so all things Christmas was so fun to me! Wrapping presents, decorating the apartment, putting Oliver in a Christmas sweater, secret Santa.. just all of it. It's all so magical.

Lows: Honestly, it just goes by way too fast. I wish I could slow down time just a little bit and enjoy the moment for just a few minutes longer. Christmas morning just goes by in such a blur, I feel like I never truly get to enjoy it. I don't even know if that makes sense, but my low is that it all just goes by way too fast.

Links I Love
Natalie Barbu YouTube Video // I've shared her videos before, but I really liked this one because it's super informative. Click the link here to view her video "The Truth About Brand Deals."

WWHL Lea Michele // Lea Michele was on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo and obviously anything that she's on I am obsessed with.

Danielle Carolin Vlogmas // Danielle is seriously my favorite YouTuber so her Vlogmas has been my favorite to watch lately.

Vanderpump Rules Trailer // VPR is back and the trailer for the new season looks insane. I can't wait!

Lea Michele Christmas Album // My favorite singer came out with a Christmas album.. I mean could I ask for more? I love song "Christmas in New York," ugh chills.

Game of Thrones Gingerbread Wall // The past two years we have had a gingerbread house making contest. Last year we did Super Mario Brothers, but this year I had this idea for months. Seriously it was like March when I told Omar I wanted to make the wall from Game of Thrones as our gingerbread "house." It came out soooo good (see pics above) and I was so happy with it. Plus it was just fun making it. Omar came up with the idea to put blue eyes on the marshmallows as the white walkers.. ahhhh I just loved it!

Christmas Decorations // I just love seeing all the new Christmas decorations and wrapping paper that comes out each year. It's very aesthetically pleasing and I learn a little bit more each year about what my future Christmas style is.

Adina's Jewelry Evil Eye Huggie Earrings // My grandma got me these earrings for Christmas and they are everything! I can't stop wearing them and even more I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror. It's like a new woman.. who is she!?

I honestly didn't purchase that much for myself or my home because it is Christmas time so much of my shopping was done for loved ones. I was still able to pick up a few (like very little amount of things) things for myself though.

xoxo, Michele

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