Getting Out Of A Low Point

Washington, DC, USA
Getting Out Of A Low Point

I've been pretty open that I was going through a rough time the past couple months. It wasn't even just one thing, it was mostly mental. I felt like I was in a rut and the more I fought to get out of it the more I felt like I was sinking. It felt as if I was in quick sand, but really I was just making more trouble for myself. I had to be completely honest with myself and figure out what it was that was making feel the way I was and how I could change it. I felt that these few things truly helped me have a second view point on my own life. If you are feeling a little lost and at a low point, I hope some of these tips can help.

Clean Space, Clean Mind
This was one of the first things I did was clean my space up. Whether it was my apartment or my office, I needed a fresh start and I needed to clean the work area that was around me.

Purge, Baby, Purge
Along with cleaning up my area I PURGGEDD. I can't explain this weight that was lifted off of my chest when I was honest about getting rid of things. I have so much stuff. It just needed to be done. I sold a lot of the things on my Poshmark and Mercari and donate the rest. It was a huge relief to minimize the things I owned and kept things that were truly important to me or have great quality.

Plan It Out
A part of the stress could be because of your never ending to do list. That's adulthood, you can't control the things that come at you, but you can control how you handle it. I am constantly taking on more and more work and sometimes it can be overwhelming. It's kind of amazing how much a to-do list can keep you organized and relieve you of so much stress.

Go Outside
I might have shared before, but there is something so therapeutic when I take my dog for a walk after work. I work in an office all day with a window that doesn't open. It's refreshing to get some fresh air. Even on days when I have things that need to get done after work, I still take time to walk Oliver not only for his health, but for my own too.

Do Something For Yourself
Cook dinner. Buy yourself flowers. Take a bubble bath. Go to the gym. Pet some dogs. Do what you need to do to put a smile on your face. It's easy to take the little thing for granted, but if you focus on what makes you happy on a day-to-day basis then you'll be happier too.

Get It Out
Whether you want to journal or start a blog, sometimes you just need to get it out of your head and collect your thoughts. Just get it out of your system somehow. I recently started to journal and it's helped me drastically. In just the short period of time being able to take things out of my head and put it on paper has helped because even if it doesn't make sense in my head, it makes sense on paper. Even if you just want to scream for five minutes a day.. find a way to release your clouded thoughts so you can think clearer later on.

Get An Actual Good Nights Sleep 
Another thing that's easy to forget is to just get some sleep! Since when did sleep make you weak? This whole "I'll sleep when I'm dead" culture is overrated. Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and deal with it all in the morning. As Michael Scott once said, "The great thing about the American dream is that you can just go to sleep and try it all again the next night."

Getting Out Of A Low Point
Getting Out Of A Low Point

These were somethings that I had to focus on when trying to get my head back to the right frame of mind and maybe some of these will help you too.

xoxo, Michele

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