My Last Few Pieces of Work at The War Cry

Washington, DC, USA

My Last Few Pieces of Work at The War Cry

Now that we’re
all caught up, you know that I left my job recently to move to Florida. During my break from blogging, I was still working and writing for the publication that I worked for. I typically share my work here and I wanted to do a round-up of the last few articles and interviews that I wrote the past couple months. 

Note: I shared my last cover and 4-page interview with The PenaVegas in a separate post linked here.

Yay! So let’s take it back to March 2022 šŸ˜…—sorry it’s been a while!

For my one-page layout called “Currents,” I discuss the latest movies, books, tv shows, music, apps + more! 

May 2022 Currents | June 2022 Currents | July 2022 Currents | August 2022 Currents | September 2022 Currents

Then I had the opportunity to speak with actress Cynthia Geary about her new TV series and if she looks familiar then you’re right because she played the Olsen twins’ mom in “To Grandmother’s House We Go” and yes—I was freaking out on the inside.

“Going Home” with Cynthia Geary | YouTube Video

Then my favorite duo allowed us to excerpt their new book “What If Love Is The Point?” for a section in the July issue. Which of course is a spin-off of their interview that was featured in the August issue.

Excerpt from “What If Love Is The Point?”

As I mentioned, you can see the full interview and design layout in this post linked here: My Second Interview with The PenaVegas. And you can view any of the previous issues I’ve worked on by clicking the link here.

I really enjoyed my time as Production Coordinator and Editor at The War Cry, but it’s time for a change. Stay tuned šŸ˜‰.

 xoxo, Michele

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